TwinOxide Spray Disinfectant 32oz (case of 12)

TwinOxide Spray Disinfectant 32oz (case of 12)

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At TwinOxide® we believe that safety comes first. As more studies emerge about the negative effects of chemical exposure to both children and adults, there is a clear need for a safe user friendly disinfectant. We engineered a one step disinfectant solution that is one of the most advanced in the market today. It is non toxic and environmentally friendly without compromising the effectiveness of the disinfectant. It is a revolution in surface and air disinfection. 

TwinOxide® is a disinfectant and sanitizer, which is defined as the ability to eliminate all forms of microbial life including fungi, viruses, and all forms of bacteria and their spores within minutes. To date, no organism has proven resistant to TwinOxide.

With the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, it is critical for facilities to utilize a multi-setting disinfectant which is CLEAN and SAFE for both people and the environment.


  • TwinOxide® is a one step, ready to use disinfectant that kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses within minutes, saving 60/70% of precious time and resources.
  • TwinOxide® is a spray on leave on disinfectant that does not require surface wipe down, before or after application.
  • TwinOxide® can be used in any setting, safely, quickly, without any use of PPE and with no skin or chemical eye irritation. 
  • TwinOxide® leaves no chemical residue 
  • TwinOxide® does not discolor or damage any kind of surface or material, as proven in a recently completed Boeing study.
  • TwinOxide® is unique from other disinfectants as it is odorless, safe to breathe and can be used, without having to remove people from the room or area.
  • TwinOxide® application works on any standard surface
  • TwinOxide®’s application is highly intuitive. It does not require any complicated dilution process, and can be applied by in-house maintenance personnel, without need for expensive outsourced infection control service companies. 
  • TwinOxide® has the lowest EPA Toxicity Rating 
  • TwinOxide® is safe around pets and plants
  • TwinOxide® is compatible with nearly all foggers and sprayers. 


TwinOxide® 32 oz spray bottles comes in a case of 12 and is perfect for small application

Download our new and updated instruction guide to get the most out of TwinOxide

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